Friday, August 3, 2007

The Question

It starts innocently enough. You crack open a jar of something from the pantry. You use a bit of it. You go to put it back on the shelf when you ask, "Should I put this in the refrigerator?" You do the bottle roll in your hand to see those prophetic words "Refrigerate After Opening". You look on the label. Then the cap. The the bottom. It doesn't say it. So you put it back on the shelf. But, in the back of your mind you're wondering, "Why wouldn't it need refrigerating? What if I missed it? What if they're wrong?!" So, you go grab it and put it in the fridge.

After a while you may have the opposite question. Why does this need refrigerating? Nothing in the universe can live in a bottle of soy sauce due to the salt. So, why does it tell you to refrigerate it? It can't possibly go bad! You've kept it on your pantry shelf for years and never gotten sick. Are you just lucky?

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Greg said...

Cool Site. Quite liking it. You do need to brush up on some of your science a bit. I'm a 45 year old engineer plus very serious science and cooking nerd who is more a jack of all sciences having studied everything and everything just for fun for like 25 years now (and that is all post my formal education in engineering, science and a bit of biology and whatnot). And I was also a chef back in my sald days and now a very advanced home gourmet.